Follow the admission process overview below to find out the necessary steps to enroll at Bright Horizon's International British School of Zagreb.

  • Steps to enrolment


    1. The parent/carer contacts Bright Horizons IBSZ to express interest and to set up an initial meeting and tour of the school.
    2. Visitation of the school and a general meeting is scheduled.
    3. Following the initial meeting, if the parent/carer wishes to proceed with enrolment, Bright Horizons IBSZ will send a Pupil Reference Form directly to the child’s current or former school (if applicable) to be completed and returned for review.
    4. Upon receipt, review and approval of the Pupil Reference Form, Bright Horizons will contact the parent/carer to schedule a standardized assessment of the child.
    5. After the assessment is completed, Bright Horizons IBSZ will provide the parent/carer with feedback regarding results.
    6. If the assessment is satisfactory and the parent/carer wishes to proceed with enrolment, required enrolment documents will be provided to the parent/carer for completion.
  • Requirements

    As a requirement of admission at Bright Horizons IBSZ, Enrolment and Medical forms must be fully completed and submitted along with the following documents and payment:

    • Photocopy of the child’s Vaccination card
    • Photocopy of the child’s Birth Certificate
    • Photocopy of the child’s photo ID card or passport
    • Photocopy of parents'/carers’ photo ID cards or passports
    • For Year 1 only, a letter from the child’s doctor confirming that the child is ready to attend
    • Payment of the registration fee following receipt of all required documents
    • Once payment is received, the parent/carer will sign the annual contract
  • Original Documents

    All original documents which support copies of documents submitted must be made available for inspection by the School upon request by the School.

    Note: An application will not be considered until ALL information and payment of the appropriate fees have been received by our Admissions Office.

  • Thank you for your interest.

    Please contact Bright Horizons IBSZ if you have any questions.

    Children who have suffered from a contagious illness may not return to the IBSZ without a medical certificate of a complete recovery.

Our advantages

Mindfulness - Workshops and training for pupils and school staff members. Mindful pupils, Mindful staff, Mindful school.

Project based work - Interactive, creative and flexible classes aimes to develop critical thinking, organizational skills and creativity.

UN sustainable goals - We help pupils to become aware of the impact that they can have on the world they live in.

Personal goals - Developing individual qualities and dispositions that learners will need in order to thrive in our ever-changing world.

Individual approach - Providing support to the individual needs of every pupil to ensure their development and reach their full potential.

Diversity - Embracing and celebrating diversity prepares pupils to thrive in an increasingly complex global community.

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