• Fees


    FEES of the school year 2023/24



    RE-ENROLMENT FEE 400 euros



                                        MONTHLY INSTALLMENT          ANNUAL FEE

                                             (Monday to Friday)              (Monday to Friday)

    Year 1-6 860 euros 8600 euros
    Year 7-8 995 euros 9950 euros


    • Fees are paid in ten instalments, in advance, during the first week of each month. Parents have to meet their financial obligations on time, even if the child is absent. There is no refund of any fees.

    • For parents that want to reserve a place for their child who already attends the school for the next school year, the re- enrolment fee must be paid in advance by May 1st (according to the fee schedule for the school year 2023-2024).

    • There is a 50% reduction on the registration fee for the second child and 10% reduction on tuition fee for the second child. For the third child there is a 50% reduction on the registration fee and 20% reduction on the tuition fee.

    • Notice of withdrawing your child from school is required and should be made in writing at least one month in advance. If not, the applicable fee for the following month has to be paid. No records will be released before parents fulfil all financial obligations towards the school.

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