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What better way to spend summer then by spending some time in the sun, meeting new friends, going for trips and learning new and exciting things?

Well, we think there is no better way! Our summer school STEAM programs include all of the above and more. With the help of our qualified and multicultural team, we prepare summer programs that cover topics such as science, maths, arts, music and sports -- all of which are communicated in English. With this being said, we do have Croatian teachers available for any assistance needed to those children that are our first-timers.

Our program is based on an interactive approach giving the children a chance to learn through their own personal experiences. 

We love to sing and learn new songs; draw our own Picasso portraits; do amazing and fun science experiments; try all kinds of different sports; and become little Einstein’s solving tricky and challenging math tasks! To give the children the opportunity to learn even more, we love to take them for topic related field trips (for example; the zoo, the observatory, technical museum, etc.). Through our past years of holding our summer school program, we have made sure to enhance and develop our program to make sure that it is stimulating and up-to-date with the needs of the children for the 21st century.

It's important to mention that our summer school is divided into smaller groups in order to enable our teachers to focus on each child individually and to give them the support and guidance they might need. This helps to support and encourage our participants to truly develop their personal skills as much as possible.

Our summer school is not just a learning opportunity, but also is a great way to help children make new friends and develop their social skills. Our program is based on an interactive way of working. What this means is that children are given the chance to work on numerous activities and, most of the time, these activities are completed either in pairs or in groups. With the assistance of our teachers, making sure that children occasionally change group and/or pair members makes for the perfect opportunity to meet some new faces. Going on trips with the children is another great way that we support this social aspect of our group. Taking them to see something new and exciting gives the children something to share and talk about with each other.

Of course, we understand that it's summertime and children need a break as well. For this reason, we offer two options for our summer program: half-day programs and full-day programs. On the other hand, if you wish for your child to receive more structured and targeted support, for example with learning the Croatian language or maybe refreshing your children's knowledge of the English language, we also offer individual language lessons which can be done in person or online. This is a great way to get the additional support needed and on a schedule that suits you and your family the best.

If you would like to get any further detailed information about our summer school programs, please feel free to contact us.

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